Melanie Bongers

Olla, My name is Melanie but, most people call me Mel, and I am honored to be the Chair(wo)men of Cabezota! I am in my 3rd year of the study Industrial Design Engineering, but currently doing my minor leren lesgeven, I learn how to become a physics teacher. Last season I joined Cabezota as a field player, but before I was a goalie at VOC Amsterdam, so I had to learn from the start. It is nice to be a goalie sometimes, making a save, but I love to make goals from my wing postion even more! I am very much looking forward to the upcoming year with my fellow board members, we are going to make it an amazing year!

Patrick Wolbers

Hiya there, I'm Patrick, and I'll be secretary for cabezota. I'm currently in the MSc interaction technology, after following CreaTe here at utwente. I played handball when I was a kid, and I joined cabezota last year. Although my skills were completely gone, I immediately felt at home. Me and my fellow board members are going to make this a great year.

Thomas van Buuren

Hello everyone! I'm Thomas and I will be this years competition secretary! I moved to Enschede last year and I'm in my second year of Biomedical Engineering. I have played handball since I was 12 and when I started my study there was no question about joining Cabezota and I still love it! I'm really excited for the upcoming board year and I have no doubt that it will be amazing!

Femke van den Berg

Hello everybody, My name is Femke and I'm this year's treasurer. Last year I moved to Enschede and started my studies Biomedical engineering. Currently I'm in my second year of the bachelor. I´ve played a lot of different sports in my life. Last year I first discovered handbal and I have enjoyed playing it ever since. I look forward to the coming year and know it will be amazing!


Geen lege velden!