Welkom op de site van studenten handbalvereniging Cabezota. Cabezota is de handbalvereniging van deUniversiteit Twente in Enschede. De vereniging is opgericht in 1964 en bestaat dus al ruim 50 jaar!
10 januari 2018 (18:30 - 23:59) New Year’s Dinner

On Wednesdat, January 10th we have the annual Christmas/New Year Cabezota Dinner. This means homecooked meals accompanied with plenty of wine! Sounds good, right?

To make this night a success, everyone has to cook a course. When we know who is coming, we’ll prepare a schedule who’s cooking which course. Then it’s up to you: complete gastronomic and creative freedom to reveal your qualities as a MasterChef!

6 januari 2018 (17:45 - 23:59) First Matches of the New Year

On Saturday, January 6th we have the first night that Cabezota teams are playing. We would like to invite you all to attend (if not play) this evening and support our teams!

The first match starts at 18.00 hour.

We’ll arrange the bubbles

29 november 2017 (18:30 - 23:59) Watching the World Champion Practice Match


On Wednesday, November 29th there is a practice match for the Handball World Championship in Almelo. This will be between a team from Japan and Germany (HSG Blomberg Lippe). The entrance is free!

If you want to join us, please register on the website AND please indicate if you have a car available that evening.


8 december 2017 (20:00 - 23:59) Sinterklaas Party

Hey everyone!

 This year our very old Dutch friend Sint Nicolaas will again visit Cabezota for his annual  Sinterklaas-party! This means one night of ‘pepernoten’, poetry and presents.

Register before Sunday, November 26 on the website!  Please also indicate what you want to drink (beer, wine, soda, etc.).

 Costs are 4,- euro p.p.

14 november 2017 (19:30 - 21:00) Bekerwedstrijd landelijk Cabezota H1 - Unitas H2

 On this tuesday there will be an amazin match between Cabezota and Unitas!

This is a match for the national cup, come to support Cabezota!

Don't forget your green outfit and Jodokus will be there ... ;)

Becoming a Member Geplaatst op 15 september 2017

Dear all,

The introduction period of three trainings are over and I am very pleased to see so many new girls and guys that were interested in handball. 
I hope you all had a great time, and ofcourse, I hope that you would like to contintue playing handball at Cabezota. 

Introductietrainingen Geplaatst op 1 september 2017

Cabezota stond woensdag 23 augustus voor alle aankomende en al gevestigde studenten op de openingsmarkt van de Kick-in. Ook Jodukus was van de partij om knuffels uit te delen. Vrijdag 25 augustus was Cabezota te vinden bij de beachbak, waar de nuldejaars kennis konden maken met het beachhandbal.

14 juli 2017 (16:00 - 21:30) Opbouwen en barbecuen: Pre-CBHT!


Barbecue voor na het opbouwen van het fantastische CBHT terrein!

Vlees en ander voedsel wordt gefixt ;)
Maar het is exclusief drinken, dat moet zelf meegebracht worden.

De prijs is nader te bepalen ;) Maar is vast geen fortuin :)

Schrijf je in! :D